Why IslaPlus?

IslaPlus is the first international brand bringing Cuba’s health products to the global consumer. All our products are produced according the highest standards by Cuban scientists whose sole purpose is to protect and heal humans effectively.

Cuban science, biotechnology and healthcare system enjoy high reputations for their worldwide achievements. Decades of scientific research, investment of important resources of the country in this field, unique clinical experiences gained on the ground such as epidemics – global outbreaks – nuclear disaster victims (35,000 Chernobyl children) clearly show the level of Cuba’s healthcare system and products.

IslaPlus has emerged as the vision updating Cuban health products by investing in R&D in the country’s scientific journey that has been going on for decades. In order to utilize the latest advancements in science and technology IslaPlus is committed to further develop Cuban healthcare products to increase their competitiveness globally. We have been granted the right, the first given to any foreign company in the country’s history by the state biotechnology holding BioCubaFarma, to enhance the effectiveness and use of all Cuban dermatology products through scientific research & development.

Many of our products provide a strong immune system through various mechanisms. A strong immune system is the main element in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases from flu to cancer and the key to staying healthy.

IslaPlus products improve quality of life and have no side effects. People of all ages and genders that share a common sense for longevity and healthy life-style use our products as part of their daily routine.

IslaPlus is based upon the public health principle that encourages every person to have a strong immune system. This is important in two aspects. First, as a preventive strategy against any type of diseases. Second, as an efficient strategy achieving positive results in all kinds of treatments.

“Cuban Science is Treasure”

Why IslaPlus?

There is an important fundamental difference that distinguishes Cuban health products from other pharmaceutical industries in the world. In Cuba, health products are developed not for profit, but for the purpose of effectively protecting and healing people from diseases. The Cuban pharmaceutics and health services industries are subsidized by revenues from other sectors of the country. Therefore, the Cuban pharmaceutical industry is the only non-profit in the world. All health products are produced to the highest standards by institutions and scientists who are part of the same system under state control and without obligation to earn millions and billions of dollars. Cuban pharma sector strives for social profit only.

Cuba’s many practical solutions based on strong scientific foundations have been ignored in the West, which are among the main factors in the effective protection of public health on the island. Food supplements, homeopathic medicines, special natural prescriptions that strengthen the immune system can be listed among these. For example, Cuban doctors prescribe cancer patients as complementary therapy the natural “dopings” Olympic athletes use in their routine.