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  • BCT Body Treatment Cream

    Anti-cellulitis and firming body treatment cream developed by scientists in Havana


    Eternal Youth from Havana

    We believe in “eternal youth”. In collaboration with Cuban scientists we developed the powerful formulation to help restore the skin’s youthful look.

    BCT Body Treatment Cream is packed with innovative ingredients designed to firm, tone and shape the body. Formulated to help shape and define curves, the concentration works to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream

    Eternal youth facial cream developed by scientists in Havana


    “Eternal Youth from Havana”

    BCT – BioCubaTechnology is a product of over 35 years of intense scientific research and clinical experiences by Cuban scientists and doctors.
    BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream features active ingredients that repair and prevent visible signs of aging. Regular application as part of the skin treatment routine smoothes out the finest lines and wrinkles, boosts skin firmness and radiance.