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  • 56 Biocuba Shampoo

    The ultimate luxury shampoo that prevents hair loss and strengthens hair developed by Cuban scientists


    “The ultimate luxury shampoo, developed by Cuban scientists”

    56 Biocuba Shampoo has an inimitable formula containing proteins, peptides and amino acids that act directly into the hair follicle. It revitalizes and strengthens your hair from root to end. Your hair looks visibly healthier, shinier and thicker.
    56 Biocuba Shampoo is the ultimate luxury shampoo due to its scientifically developed unique formula. The most advanced hair nutrition and care on the global market.

    It should be used with 57 Biocuba Conditioner for the best results.

    For all types of hair
    Women – Men
    250 ml

  • 57 Biocuba Conditioner

    The top luxury conditioner efficient in hair care, developed by scientists


    “The top luxury conditioner, developed by Cuban scientists”

    57 Biocuba Conditioner contains proteins, peptides, amino acids with regenerating, softening and hair protecting actions.

    This luxury conditioner adds instant volume, shine, strength, and softness with just one application. Its exceptional formula also restores damaged capillary fibers in your hair to stimulate faster and stronger growth.

    It should be used with 56 Biocuba Hair Shampoo for the best results. A product to take your hair care routine to the highest level.

    For all types of hair
    Women – Men
    250 ml

  • 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion

    Cuba’s scientific formula that prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth


    “Cuba’s formula developed after long scientific research, preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth”

    IslaPlus in collaboration with Cuban scientists developed another inimitable formula. This time it is for hair care. The 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion has proven to prevent hair loss and grow new hair by extensive clinical studies (see results below).

    58 Biocuba Hair Lotion should be used together with 56 Biocuba Shampoo and 57 Biocuba Conditioner for most efficient results. IslaPlus delivers the most effective and scientifically superior hair care products.

    For all hair types
    For both female and male
    250 ml

  • 59 Biocuba Shower Gel

    Scientific shower gel for the treatment of sensitive skin and body repair


    “The luxury shower gel developed to give youth to your skin”

    With 59 Biocuba Shower Gel you will feel yourself in the exotic nature of Cuba. 59 Biocuba Shower Gel contains proteins, peptides and amino acids that regenerate and soften your skin.

    This unique formula cleanses and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. It leaves your skin silky, smooth and dramatically hydrated. 59 Biocuba Shower Gel makes you feel new born. A true fountain of youth for the body, affecting also your mind and soul.

    For all skin types
    Women – Men
    250 ml