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  • 53vi Pigmenting Lotion

    Magic formula of Cuba that supports Vitiligo treatment


    “The magic formula of Cuba that provides the highest rate of improvement in vitiligo treatment…”

    The pigment enhancer Pigmenting Lotion is very effective in the treatment of vitiligo and skin depigmentation caused by any kind of burn. The lotion contains a substance that increases melanocytes and melanin and stimulates tyrosinase enzyme activity. In addition, the calcium in it actively supports the pigmentation process of the skin by stimulating the secretion effect of melanocytes.

    The skin color obtained during the treatment process can reach the same level with the patient’s normal skin.

  • BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream

    Eternal youth facial cream developed by scientists in Havana


    “Eternal Youth from Havana”

    BCT – BioCubaTechnology is a product of over 35 years of intense scientific research and clinical experiences by Cuban scientists and doctors.
    BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream features active ingredients that repair and prevent visible signs of aging. Regular application as part of the skin treatment routine smoothes out the finest lines and wrinkles, boosts skin firmness and radiance.

  • Cubapla

    Cuba’s unique, natural concentrate for bone and joint health


    “Cuba’s Unique Concentrate Cubapla Is A Versatile Supplement Containing An Inimitable Formula of Proteins – Amino Acids – Minerals…”

    Multi-purpose health supplement cubapla is effective for anti-aging, skin revitalizing, bone and joint health, fast recovery after surgery and postmenopausal osteoporosis. Cubapla has also been used as nutritional supplement on patients recovering from Covid-19 in Cuba. With the unique concentrate of cubapla, your energy goes on all day while increasing your immunity and power.