58 Biocuba Hair Lotion


“Cuba’s formula developed after long scientific research, preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth”

IslaPlus in collaboration with Cuban scientists developed another inimitable formula. This time it is for hair care. The 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion has proven to prevent hair loss and grow new hair by extensive clinical studies (see results below).

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion should be used together with 56 Biocuba Shampoo and 57 Biocuba Conditioner for most efficient results. IslaPlus delivers the most effective and scientifically superior hair care products.

For all hair types
For both female and male
250 ml


How Does 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion Work?

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion contains scientifically formulated bio hair strengtheners that stimulate hair growth and regeneration. The lotion also regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It increases microcirculation of blood in the scalp. 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion improves protein synthesis in hair follicles, providing them with larger supply of essential amino acids.

– Areata Alopecia, Universal Alopecia and Androgenic Alopecia (male or female pattern)
– Psoriasis Scalp
– Seborrheic Scalp Dermatitis
– Brittle or Battered Hair (due to smoothing and other treatments)

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion Clinical Trial – 1:

Dermatology Department of the School of Medicine, “Calixto García” Hospital in Havana.

The clinical trial was conducted with Alopecia of various origins on a total number of 582 patients (Chart I)

The clinical results demonstrated effectiveness in %71.1 of cases, without any side effects (Chart II)

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion Clinical Trial in Alopecia Areata – 2

A detailed clinical trial was conducted with 176 cases of Alopecia Areata in Havana. In the beginning the clinical histories of the patients were prepared and digital photographs of the affected areas were taken. After a year and a half of the treatment with a daily application of 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion, the effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated according to the following classification:

• Good: Elimination of hair loss and total regeneration in affected areas.
• Regular: Reduction of hair loss and partial regeneration in affected areas.
• Bad: Persistence of hair loss without regeneration in affected areas.

In sum, the clinical data can be qualified as showing % 78.5 Therapeutic Efficacy (good+ regular). There were no side reactions.

58 Biocuba Hair Lotion Clinical Study in Seborrheic Dermatitis – 3

A total of 130 patients were treated with 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion (once a day) combined with the usage of 56 Biocuba Shampoo (every third day) over a one year period.

Measuring System
Dermatitis Activity and Severity Index (DASI), with three signs and symptoms (pruritus, erythema and scales) DASI = (Pruritus Value + Erythema Value + Scale Value) %X value of the area with lesions

The response to treatment (Rt) was determined by calculating the percentage decrease in DASI and categorized as:

Clean: %44.1 (Patients whose DASI decreased by 90% or more from the initial)

Respondent: %32.4 (Patients whose DASI decreased between 89.9% and 51% with respect to the initial)

Non-Respondent: %18.8 (Patients whose DASI decreased between 50.9% and 0% with respect to the initial)

Worse: %4.7 (Patients in which the value of DASI rose from the initial)

Method of Application
– Shake the bottle before usage.
– 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion should be applied twice a day with a piece of cotton, gently rubbing it along the entire surface of the scalp, from anterior to posterior areas.
– Wait 20 minutes for sufficient dermal penetration. Don’t rinse your hair.
– Wash your hair with 56 Biocuba Shampoo twice a week, with intervals of three days.
– After each hair wash you can apply 57 Biocuba Conditioner.

Avoid eye contact with the shampoo. If it happens, rinse your eyes with water several times.
Keep it in room temperature and away from children. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Adverse Reactions
No local or systemic adverse reactions have been reported.

Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Citric acid.