What Are the Advantages of Trofin?

What Are The Benefıts Of Trofin?

Trofin is a natural product that contains protein, amino acids and minerals that body needs for better life quality.

1. Trofin has regenerating, refreshing, anti-anemic and stimulating effects.
2. Improves hematological and immune functions.
3. Strengthens the connective tissue and muscles and gives more resistance to the cells.
4. Trofin significantly increases the body’s iron reserve when used by children, the elderly, athletes and pregnant women.
5. It is effective in hyper-catabolic conditions, burnt patients and private donors.
6. Prevents the impairment of psychomotor development.
7. Reduces the activity of lymphocytes and increases the morbidity of infectious and contagious diseases.
8. The relationship between iron in childhood and psychomotor development is linked to neurological dysfunctions in both children and adolescents. In this context, it prevents cognitive deficits in children.
9. It is a highly anti-anemic for the treatment of children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly, burned patients and athletes.
10. Cell mediated immune response is improved in cancer patients treated with Trofin as a dietary supplement.
11. Trofin is recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as iron is essential for the healthy development of newborns. Also, the amino acids in the preparation, such as histidine, are considered of primary importance for babies.
12. Iron is stored in hematopoietic organs and participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, myoglobin and cytochrome, which affects the storage and utilization of oxygen, which is essential for athletes in particular. Therefore, it is very important for athletes.
13. Iron also regulates the activity of neutrophils, immune response, cell proliferation, and respiration.
14. Iron is important for hemoglobin formation and plays a role in various defense mechanisms of the body.
15. Iron increases immunity in children.