What are the Benefits of Cubapla?

Why Cubapla?
* It is an ideal food source to eliminate various clinical and surgical effects caused by the deficiency of different nutrients in the human body.
* Cubapla is a protein, amino acid and mineral concentrate with high nutritional value and no side effects.
* It has stimulating effect that provides wound healing, hair growth and revitalization of skin color.
* Cubapla is effective against aging.
* It can be used in any postoperative recovery process.
* Cubapla has supportive effect on patients recovering from Covid-19 in Cuba. Clinical studies on this subject are ongoing.
* Recommended for athletes and professions that require heavy physical exertion.
* Cubapla can be used by both men and women, at any age and even during pregnancy.

Pharmacologıcal Effect
A special nutrition containing proteins, amino acids and purified minerals.

Daily Use
It should be taken one capsule, twice a day after meals with water or juice.