• Cuban Science is Treasure

  • Natural and fast solution for bones and joints with
    Cuba’s unique concentrate...

  • Boost your immunity and energy
    with Cuban moringa cultivated
    by Fidel Castro...

  • Eternal Youth from Havana
    with BCT technology

  • Unique health products developed by Cuban

  • Spirel Spirulina is the richest source of
    protein in nature...

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FerrumX FerrumX
Regular price 1.100TL 1.250TL Sale price
FerrumX IslaPlus
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Quickshop "The world's most effective natural iron supplement developed by Cuban scientists. Perfect...
Spirel Spirulina Spirel Spirulina
Regular price 990TL 1.125TL Sale price
Spirel Spirulina IslaPlus
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Quickshop "Spirel Spirulina, The Food of the Future, is a natural super food...
Cubapla Cubapla
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Cubapla IslaPlus
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Quickshop “Cuba’s Unique Concentrate Cubapla Is A Versatile Supplement Containing An Inimitable Formula...
55pso Bioactivating Cream 55pso Bioactivating Cream
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55pso Bioactivating Cream IslaPlus
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Quickshop “The effective Cuban formula that treats psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions”...
islaplus-53vi-lotion-pigmentante 53vi Pigmenting Lotion
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53vi Pigmenting Lotion IslaPlus
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Quickshop “The magic formula of Cuba that provides the highest rate of improvement...
54vi Pigmenting Gel 54vi Pigmenting Gel
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54vi Pigmenting Gel IslaPlus
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Quickshop “The magic formula of Cuba that provides the highest rate of improvement...
BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream
Regular price 4.180TL 4.750TL Sale price
BCT Multifaceted Renewal Cream IslaPlus
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Quickshop "Eternal Youth from Havana” BCT – BioCubaTechnology is a product of over...
BCT Body Treatment Cream
Regular price 1.980TL 2.250TL Sale price
BCT Body Treatment Cream IslaPlus
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Quickshop "Eternal Youth from Havana" We believe in “eternal youth”. In collaboration with...
Cuban Detox Tea Cuban Detox Tea
Regular price 572TL 650TL Sale price
Cuban Detox Tea IslaPlus
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Quickshop "A functional tea formulated by Cuban scientists to provide many health benefits,...
Why IslaPlus?
  • Non-Profit

    Cuba is the only country in the world where health products are not developed for profit, but solely for curing people.
  • Scientific

    Cuba’s food supplements & immune boosting recipes are based on scientific foundations and play a key role in effectively protecting public health.
  • Natural

    Cuba’s unique natural supplements serve multipurpose needs such as: strengthening the immune system, supporting pregnant women, boosting the energy of Olympic athletes, anti-aging as well as cancer treatment.
  • First

    IslaPlus is the first international brand bringing Cuba’s miraculous health products to the global consumer.

User Experiences

IslaPlus in Media

Türkiye-Cuba Biotechnology Bridge

Momentum Cuba's main businesses in Cuba right now are healthcare and biotechnology. There is a long story behind this short sentence made by Momentum Cuba President Gökhan Eşeli.
Ataturk's Revolution is Far Superior to the Cuban Revolution

Gökhan Eşeli stated that revolutionary leader Castro said these words at a dinner while he was serving in Cuba. Former...

Cuban Experience

Cuban Experience Gökhan Eşeli, the founder of the IslaPlus brand, which created a sensation in the field of dermocosmetics and...

The biotechnology bridge we created with Cuba is our starting point

With our IslaPlus brand; We are moving forward with the aim of becoming the top brand and global player in the categories of food supplements, dermocosmetics and even luxury cosmetics.
Turks Queued for Cancer Vaccine in Cuba

While Cuba's health revolution led the USA to lift the embargo on the country in this field, it also created...

Cuba leads race for Latin American coronavirus vaccine

HAVANA (Reuters) – As Latin American nations test experimental coronavirus vaccines from across the globe and economic heavyweights such as...

Cuba's Booming Biotech Industry

A drug developed in Cuba in 1981 is currently being used as a coronavirus treatment in China. From antivirals, to...

The Cuban Biotech Revolution

Embargo or no, Castro's socialist paradise has quietly become a pharmaceutical powerhouse. (They're still working on the capitalism thing.) The...

Cuba's potential virus vaccine has good results: expert

ANKARA A potential coronavirus vaccine in Cuba used to treat 58 patients, including those with severe and critical conditions from...

How Cuba's doctors are helping the world fight COVID-19

With globalization making the world increasingly homogeneous, there are few unique places left to experience. Cuba, under one-party rule since...

Cuba sends 'white coat army' of doctors to fight coronavirus in different countries

Nearly 40 countries across five continents have received Cuban doctors during the pandemic. Cuban doctors hold an image of late...


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